Synthesize is Suishou Suine and Shō Suine's original demo song. Its music is made by other UTAUloids who sing as background.
Vocal Synthesis Tool UTAU Synthesize ~Version 002:54

Vocal Synthesis Tool UTAU Synthesize ~Version 0.1~ Suine Suishou Shō - Original Song Download

Song linksEdit

Version 0.0 on YouTube

Version 0.0 on SoundCloud

Version 0.1 on YouTube

Version 0.1 on SoundCloud

1st Anniversary Version on SoundCloud


PRODUCER: ShiaSeki Suishou

MAIN SINGERS: Suishou Suine, Shō Suine

BACKGROUND SINGERS (Version 0.0 and 0.1): Alice Ouka, Aoi Koruri, Diipu Sakasamane (Neutral), Hachi Makune, Kuyu Otohime, Mako Nagone, Miko Ooka, Nero Go-On (Sadistic), Oniko Hinomoto, Ritsu Namine, Ritsuo Namine, Ruko Yokune (Female), Shiki Komane, Tanya Soune, Taya Soune, Ted Kasane, Tei Sukone, Teiru Sukone, Teko Sukone, Teto Kasane, Uta Utane, Zeto Kasane

BACKGROUND SINGERS (1st Anniversary Version): Aika Heion, Aki Tokane, Arisu Ayame, Artia, Awasu Tendone, Azealote, Eden Nour, Haruka Orenji, Ika Ranku-On, Impact, Kiia Tokane, Koe Kireina, Kuroi Karasu, Lisa Shirone, Luc Karasune, Miharuru, Miracle Junior, Molly-Rose McCarthy, Re, Rie Yukimura, Sour Apple, Yumi Minami

Mp3 and Ust downloadEdit

Version 0.0 Mp3 Download

Version 0.1 Mp3 Download

Version 0.0 Ust Download - expired, available on request

Version 0.1 Ust Download




Do you want to feel the music?

So download UTAU

Install it on

Wake us up

Let us sing

Our song


So don't hate us 'cause we are just voice

Don't hate us 'cause our life means synthesizing, but


Go on and synthesize

Go on synthesizing

Go on and synthesize

Go on synthesizing


Everythin' will go on freely

Don't hate the song you have asked for

Just feel the sound in you and go on


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