Suishou Suine & Shō Suine

Suishou Suine & Shō Suine


- Suishou's Sweet Append has been released! Do you want to suggest which Appends should be released next? Go to the poll section: Polls and surveys

- AquaBlue-99 is making Suishou's MMD model!

Suishou Suine MMD Christmas WIP (by AquaBlue 99)

- Suishou will have a Native append: it will be a CV, CV VC and VCV voicebank with 9 vowels and 30 consonants! Information are here: Suishou Suine Native Works In Progress

Suine Suishou & Shō WikiEdit

Suishou Suine and Shō Suine are two synthesized voicebanks for the program Vocal Synthesis Tool UTAU. Tutorials on how to install and use UTAU can be found on World of Synthesis and on ShiaSeki Suishou's DeviantArt Page . Both the pages are written by ShiaSeki Suishou, the authoress of Suishou and Shō.


Suishou Suine

Shō Suine


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Latest song: Sloth Filled NightsEdit

-UTAU- Sloth Filled Nights -Suishou Suine (Sweet) ~ Original Song + DL-

-UTAU- Sloth Filled Nights -Suishou Suine (Sweet) ~ Original Song + DL-


This Wiki is mainly written by ShiaSeki Suishou, these UTAUloids' authoress. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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